Monday, May 24, 2010

Bananas For Bananas...Or Not

I'm fairly sure my son just likes to peel bananas. I have now bought six bananas for the purpose of baking with only to have Alexander peel them, take a bite, and throw the rest away. Needless to say, I'm quite angry about this. Every time he finds one of my cleverly hidden bananas and comes to me asking if he can have it, I scream NO! with the futility of someone trying to resist the Borg. He's already peeling it before the Nnnnn is out of my mouth and someone's hit Slo-Mo while I tuck the baby under my arm like a football and swipe at him like a Mother bear going after a cougar.

The last victim fell this morning. I managed to rescue my cub -- er, banana -- just as he was cracking the tip open. I put it up with the intention of baking with it today. Alas, he found it and dumped the peel on the table. While I'm screaming in rage (And trying to chase him down with the baby held awkwardly to my breast still eating) he breaks it in half, crams the bottom half in his mouth, and chucks the top half (that is a little brown at the very tip from being exposed to the air) in the garbage. If he'd done a touchdown dance it wouldn't have surprised me in the least.

He's lucky he's so cute. And bananas are fairly cheap.

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